How We Work – A typical procedure


    • Passenger telephones the Office between 09:00 and 12:00 Monday to Friday.
    • An Office Co-ordinator records the trip, taking the necessary details.
    • The Co-ordinator seeks an appropriate volunteer driver.
    • When a driver is found, the Co-ordinator provides all relevant details to the driver.
    • The driver enters the details on to their Driver’s Trip Record form.
    • The driver arrives for the passenger at the appointed time, confirms the destination, return pick-up time and the likely cost based on either the ‘Standard Fares’ card or on 45p per passenger mile.
    • The passenger is taken to the destination and returned home at the agreed time.
    • The passenger pays the driver who notes the amount and any passenger donation on the Driver’s Trip Record form along with their mileage.



Great Massingham Area Community Car Scheme is managed by a committee. This meets twelve times a year and its members are:

Dave Butterworth

Great Massingham


Neil Steed



John Horsfield

East Rudham


Christine Howlett



Sue Donnelly

Great Massingham


Caroline Boyden

Great Massingham


Bob Panrucker

Castle Acre

I.T. system

Tony Dessent

East Rudham