How We Work – A typical procedure

    • Passenger telephones the Office between 09:00 and 12:00 Monday to Friday.
    • An Office Coordinator records the trip, taking the necessary details.
    • The Coordinator seeks an appropriate volunteer driver.
    • When a driver is found, the Coordinator provides all relevant details to the driver. (An estimate of the cost will be available at this point, if requested)
    • The driver arrives for the passenger at the appointed time, confirms the destination, return pick-up time and the likely cost based on either the ‘Standard Fares’ card or on 45p per driven mile for the round trip from driver’s home.
    • The passenger is taken to the destination and returned home at the agreed time.
    • The passenger pays the driver.


Great Massingham Area Community Car Scheme is managed by a committee. This meets twelve times a year and its members are:

Neil Steed Harpley Chair
John Horsfield East Rudham Treasurer
Sue Donnelly Great Massingham  
Bob Panrucker Castle Acre I. T. System
Tony Dessent East Rudham  
David Semken Great Massingham